Based in Switzerland, Accuratek Group is a global risk management and insurance brokerage firm that provides a digital ecosystem for reaching every dimension of the insurance industry and achieving superior performance. Accuratek Group covers the needs of insurance companies, healthcare and emergency response providers as well as individuals in a way that utilises mobile, geolocation and risk management technologies to maximise and optimise network effects within insurance markets.

Accuratek Group consists of a number of subsidiary companies that operate as components of the Group’s end-to-end insurance ecosystem for corporate and individual clients around the world:

Accuratek Ltd

Accuratek Ltd is the group software arm that provides insurance software solutions.

Accuratek Risk

Accuratek Risk is the risk management arm of the Group that provides risk management and resilience services.

Accuratek Brokerage

Accuratek Brokerage SA is the regulatory arm of the group.