If you are going on vacation or accepting a short-term employment contract abroad, our travel insurance might be the perfect option for you. To help you reduce personal risk even further, we provide access to the most up-to-date location-based risk index.

Accuratek’s travel insurance enables users to plan trips according to real-time risks and ensure their own safety anytime, anywhere. Via our mobile app, users can access a risk status based on their destination and instantly purchase travel insurance right in the app as well as receive high-quality emergency and medical assistance while travelling.

Risk Index

Accuratek instantly provides a risk status based on a user’s location or destination by factoring in data from various sources such as security reports, news, social media and more. The app offers on-demand travel insurance plans that are suitable for the levels of risk users are exposed to, with an option to customise a plan even further to suit a user’s immediate needs.

Emergency Response

Accuratek enables users to request an ambulance in one tap via our mobile app and receive high-quality assistance and medical treatment anywhere in the world, even in the most remote locations. Our platform allows emergency response teams and other stakeholders to instantly access patient data and location in order to significantly cut ETA and assign a relevant responder based on an availability status, qualifications, equipment and more.