Accuratek provides insurance providers with a gateway to a growing and profitable customer base, removing barriers to entry in challenging markets, and arming them with risk and analysis tools, KYC processes, and payment systems for a brokerage fee, keeping Accuratek aligned with an insurer’s ongoing and continuing needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We deliver the technological expertise and tools that enable insurance companies to advance into the digital age by providing the consumer mobile interface, the insurer web client and the underlying system integrating them.

Customised Products

Insurance providers can customise product offering variables within streamlined workflows, improving their customer’s overall experience and personalising the quotes and experience to each customer.

Lifecycle Digitisation

Our customisable consumer interface enables digitisation of the entire insurance lifecycle, capturing data points across the flow including KYC information, user interests and needs, social information, preferences and more – empowering aggregate data analytics for discovery of new business opportunities, marketing efforts, and product development.

Financial Inclusion

Accuratek’s financial integration via our partnership with FinTier provides mobile currency and micropayment availability, putting insurance products in reach of underbanked populations and opening the market for insurers to offer microinsurance products. Through the platform, insurance providers can access valuable risk information enabling them to make assessments and decisions about countries with insufficient digital historical risk data.

Market Access

Through our exclusive contracts with Connectik, the IFRC and individual Red Cross societies across the globe, we enable access to new populations such as the unbanked/underbanked and uninsured/underinsured. By offering new sources of unique data on attractive growth markets obtained from its applications and partners, Accuratek provides an on-the-ground presence in the markets where insurers want to be and addresses the emerging consumer demands.

Back Office & Analytics

Accuratek offers a wide range of dashboards, analytics and data tools that put the power of our ecosystem in your hands.

Data Gathering & Analytics

Cost Control

Customer Engagement


Digital Contracts

KYC & Regulatory Compliance

Digital Claims

Personalised Premiums

Real-Time Risk Mitigation

Data Storage