Accuratek Enterprise Software is available either as a stand-alone, white label insurance app or as an SDK for integration into other applications and platforms. It includes a robust back office to allow an insurance provider to roll out flexible policies across a variety of different insurance sectors. Companies can either integrate their existing insurance back office or utilise Accuratek’s proprietary back office to leverage advanced features like analytics, policy customisation tools, automated quotes and more.

Accuratek functions as a broker by partnering with local insurance companies across the globe, allowing your users to easily apply for insurance, get instant quotes, manage claims and more, all within the app.


Accuratek enables companies to maintain an omnichannel experience for their members, customers and employees, ensuring a user-centric approach, with consumers able to choose how, when and where they deal and communicate with their insurers. Centred within Accuratek’s platform, this approach provides companies and insurance providers the ability to manage the consumer and switch between channels without losing context.

Data Driven

Accuratek promotes an insight driven approach based on big data and nextgen efficiencies fuelling the development of new products, new business models, and overall improving business outcomes and growth.

Maintaining the digital process from a single point of control while gathering data from multiple channels and avenues in a structured manner provides the fundamental building blocks necessary for data analytics as well as for big data insights.


Accuratek’s integration of social features such as sharing, recommendations and friend notifications provides a holistic approach in health, travel and emergency insurance – with notifications, reminders and emergency contact notifications. Consumers can recommend insurance products to their contacts, share actions and documents, and provide expanded contact data for improving Know Your Customer (KYC) and underwriting processes.