A fundamental part of our strategy is the provision of cutting-edge risk information about each market we enter with a country risk assessment and continuous data maintenance. This is offered within a risk management module in the backend of the system.

Accuratek’s risk assessment module and tools allow insurance companies to support risk analysis and underwriting for a selected geolocation and to evaluate the overall risk which should be factored into insurance pricing. The module includes risk data synthesised from:

  • Comprehensive risk assessment parameters and metrics related to natural hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

  • Detailed comprehensive economic analysis of multiple impact scenarios that supersedes current insurance industry models

  • Country capacity assessment to deal with exposure to natural hazards

  • Economic impact analysis across multiple business sectors and geographical areas

  • Identified priority areas of exposure

Our risk assessment tools enhance the ability to understand customer’s individual risk profiles and support the identification of lowest-risk customers for data analysis, underwriting and pricing processes.